Briar Chapel South Construction Notice

TORC just received the following update regarding some work at Briar Chapel which will temporarily impact the trail system. Please respect the temporary closure and let them get their work done. The sooner they are done, the sooner we can get back in there and reconnect the system.

I just wanted to follow-up with you from our discussion earlier in the year regarding the construction of the latest area—Briar Chapel South. As you might have expected from the recent mobilization of heavy equipment, the clearing operation began today. Also, I wanted to let you that the use the trails in this area are temporarily closed until the safe re-routing of the trails are made available. Hopefully, the re-routing will become available by April, but I will make sure that the re-opening of this section of trails is communicated to all interested parties when appropriate.

Attached is an overview map of the area with further details about the trail closure. Feel free to communicate this information on your website and message boards accordingly . Also, don’t hesitate to give me a call (or email) if you have any further questions. Thanks.

Lee Bowman
Project Manager
Newland Communities

Map of affected area: 2013.03.04 BC South Trail Map