Update on Uwharrie conditions

Looks like last week’s storm knocked down a lot of trees in Uwharrie.  An update on the condtions is below:

Uwharrie trails users,

This is an update on the damage wrought to the Uwharrie bike/hike trails by winds last Thursday (June 13) afternoon.

According to the National Weather Service,  downdraft winds at an estimated speed of 70-80 mph proceeded a strong thunderstorm.  This “wall of wind” did quite a bit of tree damage in Stanly and Montgomery counties, uprooting and shearing off pines and hardwoods up to 2 feet in diameter.

The bike/hike trails are covered with tree debris in places while other places are debris-free.  The Keyauwee Trail has quite a bit of trees and limbs in its path.  (See picture right).  However, there are some clear areas on this trail.  A clockwise ride on Keyauwee from the vault toilet at Woodrun Hunt Camp encounters a minimum amount of  obstructions until just past the high point on Walker Mountain (A one-way distance of about 2.5 miles).

Currently, there is so much debris down on Keyauwee Trail as to make a ride of the entire trail quite a chore, however, an enthusiastic rider from Wilmington rode the trail yesterday and thought that it was kind of a fun adventure!  Sufficient to say that riders on this trail are going to have to doing a lot of detouring and climbing over or through debris.

The Woodrun Trail is relatively free of obstructions requiring only about 4 or so dismounts.  It looks like the majority of the clean-up work on Keyauwee Trail can be done with hand saws and about 30-35% is going to require chain sawing.  For those who venture out, or attempt to do any work, watch for hanging limbs where trees have fallen that may become dislodged and fall.  Obviously it is going to take a major organized effort to get things back to normal.

Jim Grover of the Tarheel Trailblazers has expressed interest in organizing some workdays for this purpose.  Those who are interested in doing maintenance work should check the Tarheel Trailblazers site regarding possible workdays in the future.  We’ll try to keep our newsletter subscribers posted regarding what is being done clean-up wise.

Some work may get done this weekend, please contact Brian Bristol 704-438-5663 for more information.

In summary, if you come to ride in the Uwharries either you are going to have to pick and choose where you ride, or you are going to have to dismount quite a bit.

Uwharrie Trails & Conservancy