Beaver Dam, New Light race postponed till February

Steve R., TORC race director, still has not received a reply from the Department of Transportation in the N. Raleigh\Wake County area on approval to hold a public event\fee based event on the public roads connecting Beaverdam recreational area and the WRC New Light trails.

Since we are now two weeks out from this race, Steve felt that it would be best to postpone the Beaverdam|New Light Challenge until some time in February and after we have received permits.

Sorry, Steve and the rest of TORC was not able to pull off this race in this perfect time of the year but hopefully now we will have more advanced permits and more time to publicize the race.

Please mark your calendars for the Briar Chapel 6BC endurance race coming soon on Nov. 10th.

Steve Rogers:  TORC race director

TORC Executive Committee