Wanted: TORC Membership Chair\Co-Chairs

TORC is looking for a Membership Chair or Co-chairs.  We would be open to a couple or even a three person group of Membership Co-chairs working together.

Importance of the Membership Chair role:

Membership in TORC provides two very important purposes.  1.  Advocacy:  An active, large and successful local bike club that makes a positive impression on our local community will open doors with land managers to consider building trail on their property.  2.  Trail building funding:  Let’s face it, the more active members paying membership dues, will mean more money coming into the club that can then be used for building trail.


This person or person(s) would provide the Ex. Co. with updates on membership numbers.
Would be friendly social people who don’t mind talking to other people, organizing membership drive events and who enjoy attending socially based mountain bike activities.
Ready to commit other mountain bikers to join TORC, set membership goals and encourage existing members to renew.
Help plan activities with the other Chairs:  Trail chair, ride chair, activities chair, race chair and President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary