TORC RTP Trail (trail maintenance work day following a ride)

**Pre work day ride.

Date: 03/22/2014

Time:  8:30am  Ride RTP for a few laps.

Time: 9:45am  Workday

Meet at RTP Trails parking lot.

The task for this workday will be to armour, with rock, a few muddy areas.  A portion of the trail has already been armoured.  We will be extending that armoured section.

We will be working with rock…gloves would be recommended.  Bring a spade if you have one.  It would be great if anyone has a wheelbarrow they could bring.

I realise that this workday conflicts with a few other events but thought I would see how many volunteers would show up.  The workday will consist initially of harvesting rock from the rock pile and transporting it to the area needing the armouring.  After the rock has been transported we can begin armouring.

The ride and work day is dependent upon the weather of course.  Please check this link ( for updates.