Beaverdam work day

We had about 10 guys show up for the Beaverdam work day.  Appreciate all the help.  Thanks to FALA for letting TORC hold races at the park. To show that TORC supports the trails, we wanted to contribute some material and work days to the trails.

We had a load of rock delivered to the park and picked some areas that will help the trails dry sooner and be open longer.  The main problem was a seasonal stream near the tip of the South Loop that is always a muddy mess during the winter and after a rain.  With the help of Ranger Emily, we brought rock down to the site on their six wheeler\gator from top at the boat ramp entrance.  Hauled the rock from the Beaverdam entrance by truck and armored across that stream bed.  Thanks to Corey for being in charge of the armoring and doing such a great job.

The gator was brand new and being used for the first time.  Hope it stills works after we were done with it.  😉20

Closer look at the rock work.


Thanks for those who came out to support these work days.  We continually need people to help on these work days.  Consider how you can help take care of the trails that you ride.



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