TORC collaboration with youth mtn. bike development and high school racing

I just wanted to spread the word that TORC met with a couple of our TORC members\mountain biking community members who are also heavily involved and\or working towards youth mountain biking development\youth cycle-cross as well as high school mountain bike racing.

TORC met recently to discuss some broad ideas and plans for some general goals as well as some specific goals.  Between all of us with the help of TORC’s publicity capability, social groups, website, contacts, relationships with land owner\managers etc etc, we hope to work toward these broad and specific goals:

Bring any and all member or non-member mountain bike families, who are interested and willing to help, together to offer youth mountain rides, events and races.  Youth cycle-cross will also be incorporated into this goal.

Also, and more specific, we hope to work towards and winning a NICA bid in our area with/for our North Carolina high school mountain bikers.

In exchange, TORC will be able to generally broaden our goal of spreading the sport of mountain biking in our community, broaden the benefits of IMBA TORC membership and increase our club membership.  Many other benefits will be apparent as our relationship strengthens and momentum picks up.

These two youth leaders and volunteers will be acting as chairs on our chair committee and are prepared to take lead on these goals with TORC collaboration.  Soon you will see some events being posted, and a survey coming out soon.  There will be requests going out to the general mountain bike community for help and volunteerism.

Thank you,

David Houskeeper

TORC President