TORC contracts with Native Trails and Elevated Trail Design

TORC is excited to announce that we have contracted with Native Trails and Elevated Trail Design to fulfill the RTP grant project at LCCP.

Using feedback from a poll given earlier and a desire to offer some ‘fun factor’ within the second half of the LCCP trail network, TORC has specifically arranged the grant to use portions of the money towards ‘fun factor’.

Another portion of the grant will be used to extend the dirt jumps farther and to circuit back around towards the beginning of the jump line. As well as working on some of the drainage issues, this will also allow the dirt jumpers to circle back around to top versus walking back up the sides of the jump line.

With this RTP grant contract, along with the current and future work that the trail coordinator and Drew are working on, we hope that LCCP will continue to be the great trail system that it is.

Thank you for all your support.