TORC Sponsorship chair needed

TORC Sponsorship chair needed
TORC is looking for a sponsorship chair. This volunteer would work closely with our existing sponsors while helping find new sponsors.
They would also work closely with the race director in coordinating race specific sponsors for race prizes. They would work closely with the trails chair in coordinating support from sponsors who would like to help the trail building\maintenance program.
Maintaining a close relationship with these sponsors and helping TORC honor our part of the relationship will be important as well as helping keep updated information on the sponsorship pages and sponsor advertising.
Email me at: or pm me if interested

Thank you,
David Houskeeper
TORC President

Request for Proposal – Lake Crabtree County Park – Trail Project

TORC is soliciting proposals for trail rerouting for sustainability and additions to the western portion of Lake Crabtree County Park.  The deadline for submission is 3/14/2015, with selection to be made by 3/31/2015.  For requirements and project details, please see the full Request for Proposals at:

TORC Umstead Gravel Grinder

On Saturday, November 1st, Triangle Off-Road Cyclists held its first ever 50 and 100 mile Umstead Gravel Grinder Race at William B. Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC. The field was limited to 100 participants- 76 hardy souls showed up to race on a cold, rainy morning. The original route was modified at the last minute due to rising creek levels and extra lap was added to compensate for the route change. Racers were able to camp in the park the night before and were treated to a much appreciated hot meal from The Flying Biscuit Restaurant after the race. Included in the field were two unicyclists, multiple singlespeeders and at least one roadie. The winners were:

Open Female 50-Miler: Teresa Brusadin
Open Male 50-Miler: Alex Harrill
Open Male 50+ 50-Miler: Tony Huggins
Open Female 100-Miler: Sara King
Open Male 100-Miler: Lee Duncan
Open Male 50+ 100-Miler: Roger Sutton

Much thanks to our sponsors Cycling Spoken Here, Flythe Cyclery and Whole Family Chiropractic, to our host Umstead State Park and to Sarwat Khattak, TORC’s Race Director.


Membership Appreciation/Drive

Membership Appreciation/Drive


  • Saturday, November 8, 2014

    12:00 PM

  • Lake Crabtree County Park

    1400 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC (map)

  • Meet at the last parking lot on the right.
  • Fellow MTB’ers:

    On November 8th, TORC will be holding a LCCP group ride followed by a late lunch/beer at Rally Point with IMBA.

    We’ll start out with an all-skills group ride at LCCP at noon, where we’ll point out the boundaries of the area that RDU Authority has put into play for development consideration.

    Following the ride, around 2:00, we’ll go to Rally Point for a buffet meal and discussion with Tom Sauret, Southeast Regional Director of IMBA and Exec Director of SORBA, who will be joining us to help us understand what we can do to help preserve the trails at Lake Crabtree County Park.

    Please RSVP here and also note if you can only make it to the ride OR Rally Point.


    Thank you Laura for setting up this event.  I wanted to add my letter that was sent out as an email and further encourage people to join the event.

    Please join us and listen to what TORC does for the mtb community, what is currently happening with RDU Airport and what our Regional SORBA leaders have to say about membership importance and what is happening in our region.

    Thank you,

    David Houskeeper

    TORC President

TORC collaboration with youth mtn. bike development and high school racing

I just wanted to spread the word that TORC met with a couple of our TORC members\mountain biking community members who are also heavily involved and\or working towards youth mountain biking development\youth cycle-cross as well as high school mountain bike racing.

TORC met recently to discuss some broad ideas and plans for some general goals as well as some specific goals.  Between all of us with the help of TORC’s publicity capability, social groups, website, contacts, relationships with land owner\managers etc etc, we hope to work toward these broad and specific goals:

Bring any and all member or non-member mountain bike families, who are interested and willing to help, together to offer youth mountain rides, events and races.  Youth cycle-cross will also be incorporated into this goal.

Also, and more specific, we hope to work towards and winning a NICA bid in our area with/for our North Carolina high school mountain bikers.

In exchange, TORC will be able to generally broaden our goal of spreading the sport of mountain biking in our community, broaden the benefits of IMBA TORC membership and increase our club membership.  Many other benefits will be apparent as our relationship strengthens and momentum picks up.

These two youth leaders and volunteers will be acting as chairs on our chair committee and are prepared to take lead on these goals with TORC collaboration.  Soon you will see some events being posted, and a survey coming out soon.  There will be requests going out to the general mountain bike community for help and volunteerism.

Thank you,

David Houskeeper

TORC President

Trail Steward Training at Raven Rock

Interested in helping build or maintain trails at Raven Rock State Park? Attend the Trail Stewardship Training, Sat. Sept. 27th at the Raven Rock State Park Visitor Center. Registration is required and space is limited.

For more info, or to sign up, follow this link.

Beaverdam work day

We had about 10 guys show up for the Beaverdam work day.  Appreciate all the help.  Thanks to FALA for letting TORC hold races at the park. To show that TORC supports the trails, we wanted to contribute some material and work days to the trails.

We had a load of rock delivered to the park and picked some areas that will help the trails dry sooner and be open longer.  The main problem was a seasonal stream near the tip of the South Loop that is always a muddy mess during the winter and after a rain.  With the help of Ranger Emily, we brought rock down to the site on their six wheeler\gator from top at the boat ramp entrance.  Hauled the rock from the Beaverdam entrance by truck and armored across that stream bed.  Thanks to Corey for being in charge of the armoring and doing such a great job.

The gator was brand new and being used for the first time.  Hope it stills works after we were done with it.  😉20

Closer look at the rock work.


Thanks for those who came out to support these work days.  We continually need people to help on these work days.  Consider how you can help take care of the trails that you ride.



photo 1(2)

The American Tobacco Trail presents…”On the Trail to Health”

On Saturday, June 14th, TORC volunteers participated in Wake County’s The American Tobacco Trail presents…”On the Trail to Health” at the White Oak Parking Area next to the American Tobacco Trail. TORC’s booth\tent at the annual health fair was a great way to promote mountain biking and TORC to those who came out to find out more about healthy food options and activities available in Wake County. TORC volunteers also offered two guided rides on the ATT that morning and even signed up a few new TORC members.

IMG_2141 IMG_2144

TORC Women only skills clinic at Lake Crabtree led by Trek’s Melinda Bowen

On Saturday, April 26th, TORC hosted a women’s only skills clinic at Lake Crabtree County Park led by Melinda Bowen, a Trek Factory Demo Rep. This free event was sponsored by Trek, Cycling Spoken Here, a local bike shop, and TORC.  Lake Crabtree County Park was a great venue, centrally located between Raleigh and Durham, with ample asphalt for parking and practicing skills, covered picnic facilities as well as over 10 miles of single track trail.  Approximately 20 women of varying ages from 16 to 50 and skill levels attended the morning event beginning with individual bike fittings and a review of shocks, shifting, brakes and saddle height.  Skills instruction followed with a review of ready position, front wheel and rear wheel lifting and obstacles.   After instruction, the participants were able to practice each skill in the parking area. Then Mel set up a single track skills course to practice all the skills reviewed.


600_356566512  600_356615962 IMG_2461600_356570882 IMG_2465 IMG_2467IMG_2481




TORC/REI weekend: National Trail’s Day and Triangle Fat Tire Festival

festival logo

Triangle Off-Road Cyclists spent a great weekend with REI who was our major sponsor and provided support for our Saturday and Sunday events.

Starting with National Trail’s Day on Saturday the 7th, we had 30+ people show up from TORC and the mountain biking community as well from REI and the hiking\outdoor community.  All present to show Lake Crabtree County Park and Drew Cade (park manager)/County of Wake Forest how much we all love the LCCP trails.  Matt Jenkins (LCCP trail coordinator), provided us with this cool time lapse video and photo compilation.  Check it out:

Then on Sunday the 8th, we had our Triangle Fat Tire Festival:

groupPhoto courtesy of:

Again, REI was there to support the festival and provided a Novara 29er mountain bike to drive TORC membership support and keep our membership chairs busy the whole day, REI supported the Lake Crabtree Time Trial with stacked prizes 3 deep for the race categories as well as swag for the TORC membership drawings.

It’s hard to focus on where to start with so much support coming in from different directions and at different times through out the day but let’s start with the LCCP TT:

tt 3 tt 2 tt 1

Sarwat, and her group of volunteers, pulled together a spectacular race event to accompany the whole festival.  We counted 71 racers who came to have fun racing and to support the race program as well as support the trail building\maintenance program.  Here are our race director’s comments as well as the race results:

“A big thanks to Paul Harwood and his team from REI for supporting this first ever Crabtree Time Trial Race.  And a big thanks to Susan, Beth, Laura, Trina, and Matt for helping with registration and timing. Thanks to Jim H. for the pop-up, setting up the cones for the racers in line, and taking down the pop-up and table (thanks John L.). Thanks to Goldfish for helping me setup the pop-up and with finishing marking the course with tape on Sunday and Matt Watts for marking the course with me on Saturday. Thanks to John, Cindy, Robert P. and John H. for cleaning up the course and of course thanks to Drew Cade and his staff at LCCP for the cones and making it possible to put on race here.””If someone did a do-over lap, both laps are listed in the ranking. I also included the average speed per lap.  One thing to note, I had to make a correction so the times listed now are slightly different than what I had written down at the awards ceremony- however it did not change the top 3 rankings for each category.”

“For those who did place in the top 3 and missed the ceremony, I have your gift cards and will be emailing you shortly to get them to you.
I also included the ranking of the two guys on the unicyclists as a separate category and in their respective age groups.

Thanks for participating! It was great to see you all out there. If you are ready for some endurance races, reserve Oct 25 for 6 hours of BC and Nov 1 for 50 mile/100 miles of Umstead.  More XC races are in the planning stages and will be announced as things get locked in place.

And look out for the Crabtree Time Trial race next year!”

The results are posted here in this Google Doc:

Our overall women, open 45+ and single speed winners!:

tt winners 2 tt winners 1

tt winners 3
Some race photos:

tt 7 tt 6 tt 5

tt 4

Photos courtesy of:

Another small group of volunteers who were truly working a long hard day was our TORC membership chairs and activities chair.  We shall call them:  James, Bryan, Rob and Rob.  While I was off meandering and talking to all the people, these guys were a well oiled machine giving directions, taking memberships, administering raffle tickets, answering questions, selling jerseys and buying me food.  My one attempt to jump in to help was a quick lesson in how unprepared I was…if these guys had not have corrected me, I think half the time trial racers would be down at the boat dock parking lot.  These guys took all of your support and ended with 25 new or renewed TORC IMBA members!  That is great, we all appreciate your support.

novara 10346618_780313162002817_8295526181125010278_n membership 1

Our REI Novara 29er mountain bike winner was Anthony Alston.  Congrats Anthony:

membership winner

We also had some great representation from our friends, our sponsors, our local bike shops.  All three in one.  These folks are some of the best bike mechanics around.  They are folks who are out there on trail building/maintenance work days.  They are folks that hang and ride with us and are our friends.  Our sponsored bike shops started in the fall of last year with 6BC and followed us through the New Light\Beaver Dam Challenge, The Curse of the Crab and culminated at this festival where their sponsorship not only provided for the previous races but also added to the membership drive raffle.  TORC is thankful for their support.  So everyone, support your local bike shops and know that they do more than just run a business.

sponsors 1 sponsors 2

We also had some friends of TORC and other non-profit agencies like:  BikeWalkNC, Triangle Spokes and Bike Smart-Grow Smart who benefit from the fundraising done through the Tour de Fat event coming up on June 21, 2014.  Check it out:

sponsors 3

Don Foltyn and the dirt jump crew had the dirt jumps open and were showing us where the real skill and fearless bike handling can be found.  Don also led the dirt jumps skills clinic.  These guys also set up the Strider race and brought some big time fun and smiles to our future generations of bike riders.  Thanks to you parents who brought out your families/kids to take part in the festivities.

jump clinic dj clinic 1 strider 1 dj clinic 3 dj clinic 2

This leaves us with our group rides and group ride leader volunteers.  Big thanks to our group ride volunteers.  Parker, and his family, came out to lead our kids/family ride.  Anthony Alston, John Holloway and Chris White led our adult multi-skills rides.  Thanks to you folks for volunteering.  Thanks to all our race and festival volunteers.  TORC is a volunteer organization.  We are only as successful as our volunteers and we always should be thankful to those who volunteer to take time out of their personal lives to help the greater mtb community.  We always need trail work volunteers, ride leader volunteers, event volunteers and there is always something someone can do.

rides 1 600_373138322 ride rides 1kids ride

On behalf of the TORC executive committee and our committee of chairs, thank you for coming out and participating in such a great weekend.

See you on the trails.

David Houskeeper,

TORC President