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Oak City Cycling Project has come up with a cool challenge special for mountain bikers! Check out the Tetractus challenge!  You can easily fulfill the challenge by joining in on our Meetup rides this year.

Sign the Petition to save the forested lands near Old Reedy Creek within RDU’s project area

At the June 28, 2016 Public Workshop #7, the RDU Airport’s land use plan was unveiled.  This plan slates several forested areas for commercial development.  This development would result in the destruction of irreplaceable, centrally-located forested recreation areas and in the destruction of an important green buffer space between the airport facilities and the very popular Umstead State Park.  Ultimately, the destruction of this forested area could negatively affect the hundreds of acres within the Crabtree Creek watershed.

We have created a petition to call attention to this and to let our local government (Wake County) and RDU Airport know that thousands of citizens in the Triangle and in North Carolina want to preserve these forested areas.

Please sign our petition and bring your voice to the table!

Build your own bike stand

The average TORC member has n+1 bikes and it’s always a debate on how to organize and maintain your bikes.  One TORC member, Jack Houck, has created a bike stand built out of PVC for his road bike and mountain bikes. Check out his design and let us know if you build one too!

johnny Stand graphic Johnny Stand 001 Johnny Stand 004 Johnny Stand 005

HLCP ‘Berm’ Project

HLCP ‘Berm’ Project yesterday (July 12th) was a huge success!

We built two new berms within a tight ‘S’ turn before a elevated ladder bridge.  We shortened the bridge to leave us with a straight shot across the bridge.  We also dredged out some sediment from the drainage which also provided us with some excellent shape-able material for our berms.

We had 13 excellent volunteers, we stayed within a 3.5 hour span and left us with some time for a ride through all the trails.

Such a pleasure working with a big group of good people. We got a lot done within a 3.5 hours span and finished with a fun ride. Thank you everyone, as you can see, it makes a huge impression with Ashley and our park relationship.   600_439684933170070_10150097618212103_683460_o600_439683873 10538610_10204349125995850_6483546007424251797_n600_439684009600_439689632600_439688309

LCCP ‘Rock Garden’ Project

Some chunk for LCCP.  Thanks Ryan, doing a great job:

“Just wanted to post some pictures of the new rock garden we started to build today at LCCP

When completed it will be around 100 feet long and have a beginner and advanced line.

Thanks to all the volunteers today, I hope to have some more come out to finish this project soon.

Let’s get dirty…. and make our trails clean!” Ryan, LCCP TC

170070_10150097618212103_683460_o 10538610_10204349125995850_6483546007424251797_n

Raleigh Singletrack with Selene Yeager

Raleigh Singletrack with Selene Yeager

June 12-14th, Selene Yeager visited the Raleigh area. Selene was invited by TLC for Bikes and North Carolina Bicycle Club to check out the Raleigh bicycle scene.

Fit Chick – Selene Yeager is an ultra endurance mountain biker as well as tri-athlete, an author on subjects such as bicycle racing, health and fitness, nutrition, strength as well as a writer for ‘Bicycling’ magazine.

During her visit, Triangle Off-Road Cyclists was invited to speak about the mountain bike scene, NC Greenway Alliance was invited to speak about our greenway systems and Oaks and Spokes was invited to speak about our urban ride venues. Selene got in some quality road, mountain and greenway rides with all of us.
TORC President, David Houskeeper and TORC Activities Director Valeries Myers, along with a few other TORC members, got the distinct pleasure of giving Selene a tour of Lake Crabtree County Park trails as well as some of the ORC area. Despite the heat and the humidity, we had a great ride on some great trails. Like most avid mountain bikers, we quickly fell into the familiar mode of simply enjoying the trails while enjoying good conversation. Twenty-one miles later and 1100′ feet under our wheels, we were tired and Selene was adequately warmed up for her, later in the day, 35 mile greenway ride.
TORC would like to thank Selene for spending some time with us and we thoroughly enjoyed showing her some of our busiest urban trails.
We hope to see her again in the future.
Thank you Selene from all of us at Triangle Off-Road Cyclists.

TORC contracts with Native Trails and Elevated Trail Design

TORC is excited to announce that we have contracted with Native Trails and Elevated Trail Design to fulfill the RTP grant project at LCCP.

Using feedback from a poll given earlier and a desire to offer some ‘fun factor’ within the second half of the LCCP trail network, TORC has specifically arranged the grant to use portions of the money towards ‘fun factor’.

Another portion of the grant will be used to extend the dirt jumps farther and to circuit back around towards the beginning of the jump line. As well as working on some of the drainage issues, this will also allow the dirt jumpers to circle back around to top versus walking back up the sides of the jump line.

With this RTP grant contract, along with the current and future work that the trail coordinator and Drew are working on, we hope that LCCP will continue to be the great trail system that it is.

Thank you for all your support.


TORC Sponsorship chair needed

TORC Sponsorship chair needed
TORC is looking for a sponsorship chair. This volunteer would work closely with our existing sponsors while helping find new sponsors.
They would also work closely with the race director in coordinating race specific sponsors for race prizes. They would work closely with the trails chair in coordinating support from sponsors who would like to help the trail building\maintenance program.
Maintaining a close relationship with these sponsors and helping TORC honor our part of the relationship will be important as well as helping keep updated information on the sponsorship pages and sponsor advertising.
Email me at: or pm me if interested

Thank you,
David Houskeeper
TORC President

Request for Proposal – Lake Crabtree County Park – Trail Project

TORC is soliciting proposals for trail rerouting for sustainability and additions to the western portion of Lake Crabtree County Park.  The deadline for submission is 3/14/2015, with selection to be made by 3/31/2015.  For requirements and project details, please see the full Request for Proposals at:

TORC Umstead Gravel Grinder

On Saturday, November 1st, Triangle Off-Road Cyclists held its first ever 50 and 100 mile Umstead Gravel Grinder Race at William B. Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC. The field was limited to 100 participants- 76 hardy souls showed up to race on a cold, rainy morning. The original route was modified at the last minute due to rising creek levels and extra lap was added to compensate for the route change. Racers were able to camp in the park the night before and were treated to a much appreciated hot meal from The Flying Biscuit Restaurant after the race. Included in the field were two unicyclists, multiple singlespeeders and at least one roadie. The winners were:

Open Female 50-Miler: Teresa Brusadin
Open Male 50-Miler: Alex Harrill
Open Male 50+ 50-Miler: Tony Huggins
Open Female 100-Miler: Sara King
Open Male 100-Miler: Lee Duncan
Open Male 50+ 100-Miler: Roger Sutton

Much thanks to our sponsors Cycling Spoken Here, Flythe Cyclery and Whole Family Chiropractic, to our host Umstead State Park and to Sarwat Khattak, TORC’s Race Director.