An important part of promoting the sport of mountain biking is extending a welcome to everybody who is enthusiastic and interested in the sport.  We offer rides, clinics, and events to accommodate people with all skills levels and the advancement of off-road cycling throughout the southeastern United States.


Trail Workdays

We schedule trail workdays throughout the year to build new or maintain existing singletrack.  Trail workdays are essentials events for TORC and the local mountain biking community at large.  They ensure new trail gets built, existing trail remains sustainable, and that we maintain strong relationship with local public and private land manager.  Please consider volunteering at a trail near you!  Check out our meetup calendar for upcoming trail workdays.


Group Rides

TORC holds local group rides nearly year-round throughout the various trails for all different skills levels, with beginner rides being some of our most popular.  These rides allow participants to meet new people, learn new skills and trails systems, and have fun.  Check out our meetup calendar for upcoming group rides.


Upcoming events can be found in our Meetup page:

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