Race Series

2013 – 2014 Endurance Race Series

The TORC endurance race series is back and better than ever!  Here are the 4 events in the series and their dates:


There will be an awards ceremony for the series winners of each category including an unprecedented purse of prices including gift certificates, gear, swag, beer and more… thanks to our awesome local sponsors!

If you plan to participate in multiple races, please consider purchasing the race series pass which saves you 20% over buying registration for each race separately!

If you have already registered for the 6BC race and wish to purchase the race series pass, we will refund your 6BC registration fee after you purchase the race series pass.  Just send us an email!

Race Series Pass is NOT available for Junior or Recreation classes.

Thank you for your support.  Hope to see you all on the trails!


2013 – 2014 Overall Series Standings / Results



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