Beaverdam and New Light


Aug 23, 2020

The BD & NL Challenge will connect up the great trails of Beaverdam and New Light to create one of the most unique mountain bike endurance races ever held in the Triangle.

The race will be staged from the parking lot in Beaverdam nearest to the trail head.  Racers will ride Beaverdam’s Outer Loop and West Loop in a counterclockwise directions.  Racers will exit the park and ride over to New Light for a lap in a counterclockwise direction.  Racers will return to Beaverdam to ride the South Loop.

Total distance is roughly 33 miles of which a mere 12 is road.


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Kids (12 and under) Registration


2018 Results:
2018 results

2018 Photos are on Meetup and from Debbie

Prior Year Results:
2017 results2016 results2015 results

2014 results

Date/Location: Sept 22, 2019

The race will start at Beaverdam at the Mountain biking parking lot.

36°03’07.1″N 78°41’40.7″W
14916 Creedmoor Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27587

Take the first left after the gate entrance, then take another left and the parking lot is to the right.  There are restrooms adjacent to the parking lot.  Gates open at 8 AM, there is $7 entry fee this time of year- please carpool!

Check-in and Start Time:

Check-in is from 8:30-9:20 AM.  Race will start at 9:30 AM for Ages 18-up (wave starts), 10 AM for Juniors and 11 AM for Kids.

Race Route:

The start/finish line and staging of the BD & NL Challenge will be in the parking lot near the lower trailhead at Beaverdam. Racers will ride the Outer and West loops.  Racers will then ride from the lower trail head to the exit of Beaverdam and make a right hand turn (North) on Highway 50.  Racers will proceed to New Light via Creedmor Rd then Old Weaver Trail.  Racers will enter the New Light trails and make a complete lap in a counterclockwise direction. Racers will exit New Light and proceed back to Beaverdam.  They will make a left hand turn from Highway 50 into Beaverdam. Racers will make a right hand turn into the South Loop at the upper trailhead near the entrance to the park.  Racers will complete a full loop of the trail, exiting at the same place they entered. Racers will then proceed to the start/finish line.  For further details, check out these map links:

Beaverdam course map

Road portion map

NewLight course map

Safety and Environmental Considerations:

All racers are required to wear a helmet during the entire race and use a working red tail light on the road portion of the race.
All racers must demonstrate they have a working red tail light at check-in.
All racers must pack in and pack out their own food/drink.  Do not litter the trails!
No alcohol is allowed in the park.


The BD&NL Challenge is meant to be self-supported; there will be no aid stations along the route. There will, however, be a food/water drop off zone at the entrance/exit of Beaverdam’s South Loop. Racers are invited to put water and food at this location prior to the beginning of the race. Please remember to pack out all waste and empty containers.

There is no traffic control on the road, please follow road rules and take care when passing or making a left turn back into the Beaverdam park.

Categories & Pricing:

Solo $45/Novice $35/Juniors $20/Kids Free, TORC members of IMBA will get $5 off registration using their IMBA ID as a discount code.

Expert Men & Women
Novice Men & Women
Open Men 19-29
Open Men 30-39
Open Men 40-49
Open Men 50+
Open Women 19-39
Open Women 40+
Juniors 13-17 (will only do 10 miles within Beaverdam- no New Light/road!)
Kids 12 and under (will only race at Beaverdam West Loop)
First Time Racer (Novice, Beginner) (you have never done an endurance style mtb race before and want to see what it’s all about)

THERE IS NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION! We are not allowed to take money at a state park.  So please register before race day!
All categories must have a minimum of 3 competitors to constitute a category.  If less than 3 competitors are entered in any category, the organizers reserve the right to combine categories.

First time racers (NOVICE)- come experience an endurance mountain bike race while helping to support TORC build more singletrack and advocate for trails.

Juniors will only race within Beaverdam trails and start @ 10:15 AM.

Kids: we will have a kids race @11:00 AM and it will consist of West Loop at Beaverdam.

Real time race progress will be here:
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Prizes/Awards/Post-race Food:

Get a cool TORC pint glass for doing this race.

Experts and Open/Singlespeed get a cash prize for 1st place.  Category top 2 and 3 will receive TORC swag, gift cards from our local bike shops.

All racers will be served lunch upon finishing (starting at 1 pm).


We need volunteers!  If you are a racer, perhaps you have a friend/family member who could help out, please have them contact us by emailing The following opportunities to volunteer include:

Saturday – Course marking and setup

– One team needed to mark New Light trails.
– One team needed to mark Beaverdam trails.
– Two people to setup the registration area and directional arrows throughout the park
– One person needed to setup directional arrows on Highway 50 and Old Weaver Trail


– Registration 3 to 4 people
– Timing 1 person
– Course Sweeper
– Beaverdam Cleanup 2 or 3 people
– New Light Cleanup 2 or 3 people

Marshals – One person at each of the following locations

– Beaverdam entrance from Highway 50
– Trail crossing at Entrance Booth
– Intersection of 50 and Old Weaver
– New Light entrance from Old Weaver

26 Responses to BD / NL Challenge Aug 23, 2020

  1. Goldfish (Chris White) says:

    Yeah but, typically New Light and Beaverdam rarely have a race. This is a rare opportunity to ride either in a race format.

    Also, I think of the “endurance” races as more of a festival type atmosphere that is really much more laid back. I wouldn’t shy away from doing an endurance race; as long as one can casually ride the distance/time, it shouldn’t be an issue and arguably a more relaxed venue. Cross country races are fun too, don’t get me wrong, but the fun is before and after, as well as the “pushing yourself” aspect for an hour. Endurance is much more relaxed pace so you end up chatting with people you are riding near, instead of panting with them.

  2. are there any water bottle / food handoffs or stops, or does one need to bring enough hydration and nutrition for their own needs?

    • torc_it says:

      Hi there,

      The BD&NL Challenge is meant to be self-supported; there will be no aid stations along the route. There will, however, be a food/water drop off zone at the entrance/exit of Beaverdam’s South Loop. Racers are invited to put water and food at this location prior to the beginning of the race. Please remember to pack out all waste and empty containers.

      Any other questions, please let us know. Hope you come out an race!

  3. Jed says:

    Just rode Beaver Dam yesterday and it is in very poor condition. Trees down, holly whipping you in the face, trail covered in pine needles, sticks and pine cones. I’m not a whiner, the trail seemed abandoned, no evidence anyone had ridden it recently. I’m entering the race, but I hope it gets some attention beforehand. I’d be glad to be part of a workday..

    • RaceDirector says:

      If there are trees down, riders should inform the rangers at Beaverdam, they have the ability to chainsaw and remove the downed trees. All they need is a message with location (which ever marker # is closest to the tree). I haven’t been out there in a while but I’m heading there Sunday to preview the conditions and trails. The other stuff- pine needles/cones are par for the course around here with all the storms we’ve been getting this past month. If things are really dire, I’ll post a workday soon.

  4. The Badger says:

    Does anyone have the results from the 2014 race? I could not find them with a Google search.

  5. Jeanette Tunks says:

    Entered my 9 year old son in the kid’s race (race age 8). Does he need a working red tail light? He does not own one.

  6. Me says:

    45$ plus 6$ for park entry seem pretty high for a MTB race (unless of course you win). And you don’t even get to drink beer???

    • RaceDirector says:

      If you look at other endurance races the average price is $50 and up, so this is pretty much in line with others. Costs include race insurance , an EMT person, t-shirts, course marking, a timer, lunch and aid station supplies. We would like to do better than break even since we use the race profits for trail building and trail maintenance (this is our main source of funding outside any grants we can get). The park entry fee goes directly to the state park. And you forgot the $1 fee for online registration! Here are some ways to save money: bike instead of drive into the park (save $6), and volunteer to help at one of our races (3-6 hrs of your time) and get a free race entry!

      • RaceDirector says:

        Also, I’d love to hand out beer but it’s a state park and no alcohol is allowed.

      • Carl Dornn says:

        Great response Race Director, thank you for all of your efforts in setting this up and raising money to build all of the trails we get to ride

    • Matt McGrain says:

      It’s totally worth it. New Light & Beaver Dam are two of the best xc loops in the Triangle, plus you’re supporting a great club.

  7. Dan says:

    When does registration open?

  8. Shawn says:

    Special shout out to those who bush-whacked New Light and did any trail work for that matter! Stand up and be acknowledged!! This summer’s early season rain followed by a ridiculous heat wave have made maintenance an absolute bear … well done, and thanks! Look forward to the race!

  9. How XC oriented is this race? I don’t wanna bring a knife to a gunfight full of hardtails and lycra.

    • RaceDirector says:

      This can be done on a hardtail but New Light is more forgiving on a full suspension bike. Competition brings both hardtails and full suspension and even some singlespeeders!

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