Curse at the Crab Race June 17, 2018

CatC 6h (Duplicate)

June 17, 2018| Race Start: 10:00 AM  | Fast Course | Food | Cool T-shirt | CATC Jersey for sale!

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Curse at the Crab is one of our favorite endurance races and this year we are offering up a 3 hour option along with the 6 hour option.  Do as many laps as you can in 3 hours or 6 hours and see who gets the most laps in the shortest time!



Lake Crabtree County Park
1400 Aviation Pkwy
Morrisville, NC 27560

Parking in the White Oak/Dogwood shelter lot (second to last lot in the park), with Boat rental lot for overflow.  DO NOT PARK in the last lot.  You can make a pit area around the start/finish near the last parking lot-

Race Fees ($5 more on race day):
Solo 6HR $50, Duo 6HR $100
Solo Juniors 3HR $25, Beginner Men/Women 3HR $35, Solo 3HR $45 (Duos for 3HR $65 only for Juniors and Adult/junior, adult/junior means one person over the age of 18 and one person under the age of 18, i.e. father/daughter, mother/son, father/son, mother/daughter, coach/junior, etc), Kids (age 4-12) race for free!
,TORC members get 10% off their entry fees when you enter your TORC IMBA ID as a discount code.


Expert Men, Open Men, Open Men 40+, Open Men 55+, Open Women, Open Women 40+, Singlespeed, Fat Bike (4″+),  Juniors, Duo Men, Duo Women, Coed Duo, Beginner Men/Women. There will be a kids race if you register your kids before March 20th! I can’t organize a kids race without early registration, Kids race for free also.

The Beginner category is for those who haven’t ever raced singletrack before or you just want to dip your toes in the race scene and see what this is all about, we put on low-pressure races and you are guaranteed to have fun if you come out and give it a shot.

We reserve the right to combine categories if there are less than five participants in a category.  We also reserve the right to create more categories if there are enough participants.

Schedule and Timing:
Bib pickup/Sign-in begins at 8:30 AM
Race Start: 10:00 AM
Last Lap Out: at the 2 hrs 30 min mark for 3HRS and 5 hrs 30 min mark for 6HRS

KIDS race: 4:00 PM meet up and at 4:15 PM start at Loop 5 to the doubletrack -> A -> B and return on Loop 5)

Race Route:
Expect ~6 miles per lap. We like to surprise you with the route, come out and ride the trails with us at a Meetup to get familiar.  The trails here are beginner friendly and offers a fast flowing race route.

There will be water and some snacks available for racers. Please remember to bring a hydration pack or your own water bottle as we do not supply plastic cups. Typically for endurance races, racers will bring their own food to snack on during the race, 3 or 6 hours is a long time to go without an energy boost! Post-race meal is provided for all racers!

Curse at the Crab t-shirts will be available for racers (if you register before March 15, after March 15, it will be available in limited supply).

Best overall Male/Female in the 3 hr and 6 hour will win a custom CATC Rouler jersey!  The CATC jesey is also for sale in the registration page.

There will be some sweet prizes for the top finishers in all categories.

All riders are required to wear a helmet!

53 Responses to Curse at the Crab Race June 17, 2018

  1. Old MTBer says:

    Many thanks for the Open Men 40+ category for this event!

  2. EvenOlder MTBer says:

    Many thanks for the Open Men 55+

  3. Jim Molnar says:

    Any idea how long the kids race will be?

    • Jim Molnar says:

      Also, what time would the kids race be. Need to coordinate if I am racing as well. Thx

      • RaceDirector says:

        The kids race is a 1 mile loop and will begin at 2:30 pm (so as not to interfere with the 6 hr racers). I will have a volunteer coordinate this and everyone can go to the start of the loop together. I will a have a map showing where this (basically start of the doubletrack from Loop 5-> A-> B-> back on the doubletrack). If you think your kids can do more than one lap, I think it would be fun to time them for 30 minutes and see how much they can do! Last lap out at the 20 minute mark!

  4. Walter Meyer says:

    I need directions on how to get there. Where could I locate them?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Go towards RDU airport on I-40 and exit onto Aviation Parkway going south. Crabtree County Park entrance is on the left. Park in the White Oak/Dogwood shelter Lot (I will have signs saying “RACE PARKING”). Registration will be in the last parking lot (please do not park here, this lot is meant for the people sailing/boating/other park users).

  5. Corey Fisher says:

    The time conflicts with most church times which is hurting your participation numbers. I really wanted to do it. I know at least 4 people who would have done it if it started around 1.

    • RaceDirector says:

      Sorry you can’t make it! I have obligations later in the day so doing it at 1 pm is not possible. Participation numbers are finicky things and we lose participation because of race conficts, work conflicts, family obligations, church, etc. Last year, the same race was on a Saturday at 3 pm and we had only 77 racers, this year we are at 95 racers, go figure. We put on the races to raise money for more trails and trail improvement. If you like riding Crabtree and can’t make the race, may I suggest you donate to our trailbuilding fund:, click on the donate button and let us know how much you like Crabtree park.

  6. Rick says:

    Is the trail smooth or rocks roots. Thinking of tire selection. Thanks

  7. James Brown says:

    Got a “few” photos up. Sorry I missed some, but was also racing. Please PM me if the link isn’t working, trying something new. Enjoy!

  8. TNW says:

    Any information on the 2017 event? Thanks!

  9. Andrew says:

    How do i sign up for this event

  10. Jeff Johnson says:

    There are two dates for this race above March 25 and March 26, can you confirm the date and correct the information above?
    Thank you

  11. Gary Decker says:

    Can Juniors race as a duo or must they race the 3hrs solo?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Two new categories were added for the 3hr: Juniors duo and a Adult/Junior duo where an adult can pair up with a junior (I’m hoping for some father/daugher duos, mother/son duos/ parent/child duos, coach/junior duos!!!). Also if you are associated with a high school team or group, please enter that under team/club name so we can also do team scoring.

  12. Miyuki Breen says:

    Want to confirm that KIDS race: 4:00 PM meet up and at 4:15 PM start?

  13. DanG says:

    Will the route be the same as last year?

  14. Dwayne says:

    How do I know which category to register for? I’m not a beginner so not sure whether to register expert or open?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Expert = Cat1, open = Sport, beginner = Novice. Sounds like Open for you? Unless you do race Cat1 in other races.

  15. Tony Jenkens says:

    What time does the 3 hour Adult/Youth race start? Is everything starting at 10am?

  16. Matt Maxwell says:

    What time will the prizes be awarded?

  17. Aaron Leininger says:

    I am considering riding tomorrow. My fat bike has bullhorns with time trial levers at the end. Would this be legal to ride with. Alternatively, would a “cross” style bike be legal to ride with? I don’t have a flat bar mountain bike.

    My son is 7 years old. Would he be allowed to ride with me in the 3 hour event for one lap behind me in a trailer bike?

    We would also consider allowing him to ride the kids race, but he is a little anxious to do it by himself. Are adults allowed to ride with their kids in the kids race?

    Thanks for putting on this excellent event!


    • RaceDirector says:

      Cross bike is legal, so is a fat bike. I’m not sure what a bullhorn/TT levers are but if it prevents people from passing you safely- then no. It will not be okay for your kid to ride behind in a trailer bike during the race even for one lap. Adults are allowed to ride with their kids in the kid race. Please register your kid today so there is less work for me tomorrow. Thanks!

  18. Kyle Johnston says:

    Sarwat, as always thank you so much for putting on a fantastic race! Great course this year and it looks like you guys had a great turn out.

  19. Jason Seago says:

    When will the results from yesterday be posted? Thanks for putting on a great event, we had a fantastic time!

    • RaceDirector says:

      Results have been posted- sorry for the delay but there were some snafus in the chip timing. There still might be corrections- please let me know ( if there is a problem.

  20. Peter Helewski says:

    When will the pictures from the race be posted here?

  21. What route does this event normally follow. I’ve only ridden Crabtree once and would like to go do some sighting laps in the next few weeks.
    Thanks for any feedback.

    • RaceDirector says:

      If you practice riding all the loops (including Loop 6) and practice going up the hill from the Lake Trail to get back to the parking lot, you will be in good shape. The trick with endurance races is pacing yourself and not going out too fast on the first few laps. We will only post the actual race route the week of the event to prevent people from “racing” during normal park hours when there are multiple users on the trails (hikers, bikers, runners).

      • Will says:

        Less than two days before the race…any word on the route?

        • RaceDirector says:

          Sorry Will, will do better next year to post the route up a day or two in advance, we were still making changes at the last minute!

  22. Dougie says:

    will the 3 hour start at 10am or 1pm?

  23. Josh says:

    Could I do this on a “monster cross” style bike? or would I be shunned?

    • RaceDirector says:

      People have done it on a cross-bike, you might be hurting after 3 hours though or 6 hours!

  24. eye says:

    Is there an over Men 65 class? 🙂

  25. Lars & Christian says:

    Big thank you to the TORC team for this great event !

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