Winter Time Trial 2020 Series is closed!

What:  Time trial race format at Lake Crabtree County Park Feb 2020

How is this different than other races:  You register online and then you decide what time you want to get to the race for your individual START between 10-12 PM on race day. Bib pickup is the day of the race and then just line up at the start line when you are ready to go.

LCCP: 1400 Aviation Pkwy, Morrisville, NC 27560, see the map
The route will be dependent on the trail status and can change.

When :
Feb 16- Lake Crabtree County Park 10-12 PM (Postponed new date TBD)
Feb 22 Lake Crabtree County Park 10-12 PM (Cancelled)

Race #2 is a GO! March 7 Lake Crabtree County Park 10-12 PM, there will be no third race due to scheduling and volunteer bandwidth.

Stay tuned for 2021 dates

Race Fees, Registration, Results:

Registration will open up 1 week in advance.
$15, TORC members get 10% off, become a member and save!
Juniors $10 with 10% off for TORC members
Kids (12 and under) race for Free!

Additional discount if you register for multiple races in the series.

You can register on site but online registration means fewer mistakes and easier on those of us organizing the races.

Click here to register for 2020

2020 TT#1 Results 2020 TT#2 Results

2018 Winter TT Results2017 Winter TT Results

If you need a new plate, it will be $1. If you need a new chip tag, it will be $5.


Expert Women Singlespeed
Expert MenSport Men 18-39, 40-49, 50+
Open Women 19-39Sport Women 19-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+
Juniors 9-11, 12-14, 15-18Kids 9 and under

Schedule and Timing:
Bib pickup/Sign-in begins at 9:30 AM at each race site
Race Start: 10:00 AM for the first racer, subsequent racers will be staged in a minimum of 1-minute intervals.  Racers will do their laps by first come, first serve.  The last racer must start their lap by 12:00 PM.  Podium only at the last race of the series.

Race Course:
For Crabtree: The route will be 3 miles and 0.6 miles for the kids short loop. Based on the trails conditions: will include the new ETD/Native Trail sections (Loop 3/4/E) OR Loop 5->Loop 1-> Loop 6-> return on Loop 1 to parking lot
The shorter kids loop is for those too young to do a full 3 miles- this will be starting from the double track-left on Connector A, left to Connector B and back onto the double track (~0.6 miles).

Race Points:
Each participant will garner points for the races they complete: the more racers in your category, the more points you get where you place (i.e. if there are 15 racers in your category and you place 15th, you get 15 points, 14th- you get 14 points, etc.).  We also reserve the right to combine categories if there are fewer than 3 racers in a category.

Series Awards:
To be eligible for a series award, you have to attend at least 4 of the races.  We’ve got sweet prizes from our sponsors for all category winners plus first place gets the coveted TORC cup.  We are working hard to provide prizes (gift cards/swag) at least 3-deep. 

R Crown-1

55 Responses to Winter Time Trial Series Jan 2020

  1. Old MTBer says:

    Yeah! I like cheap and fun, I’ll alert others 🙂

  2. Steve Baker says:

    is the Saturday time trial at Lake Crabtree still on?

  3. Steve Baker says:

    just saw the update/reschedule for Crabtree to 2/13/2016

  4. phil says:

    so younger juniors do a longer loop? (“Juniors 11-14: Kids Long Loop
    Juniors 15-18: Kids Short Loop (1 mile or less)”)

  5. nick says:

    do you have to be a torc member to participate?

    • RaceDirector says:

      No, you do not have to be a TORC member to participate- but we do offer a discount if you are a member or become a member!

  6. Chase says:

    Really important technical question: Can we get a T-shirt with that awesome beaver logo on it for the 2017 series?

  7. Marissa says:

    My son turns 13 in March 2017. Does he race in the Juniors 13-17 or in the kids 12 and under? I also have an 11 y.o. – Can he race Juniors if he wants? Will the 12 and Under be allowed to do the full course if they are able?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Yes, he races Juniors 13-17. Your 11 YO can also race Junior- just select that category. We can be flexible on allowing the 12 and under to do the full course.

    • RaceDirector says:

      He would race Juniors 13-17 if he turns 13 this year. Your 11 yo can do the full course if they are able- I just need to know beforehand.

  8. Lee says:

    Hi all – winter time trial happening tomorrow at Crabtree?

  9. Joe Ma says:

    Do you know what time you guys will start setting up? Planning to get to Crabtree at 8 for an early ride. Would hate to run into sections that are roped off for the race

    • RaceDirector says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding: we try not to rope any sections off or at least make it easy for you to ride under.

  10. Did anyone run Strava this morning for the time trial? Looking for exact mileage for the route today for comparison purposes to some upcoming NICA rides. Thanks.

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  12. Thomas says:

    Is there a way I could preride the Forest Ridge Course the morning of the race?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Unfortunately Forest Ridge will be closed due to the trail still having wet spots. We will have the time trial at Crabtree instead for tomorrow and postpone Forest Ridge to a later date.

  13. Chris Dreps (my son Thomas is registered) says:

    just wondering if folks who show up earlier than 11 can have a practice ride.

    • RaceDirector says:

      Yes- but please note the Forest Ridge TT is postponed- we will meet at Crabtree tomorrow (1/27) to have the TT in Crabtree.

  14. Chris Dreps says:

    Thank you. So, just to be clear, does that mean we could shop at 10 AM at Crabtree for a practice ride?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Sorry for the delay – but yes, you can pre-ride the course at 10 AM any time we do a race.

  15. MelkInNC says:

    Is there still a Sunday, Feb 4, race at Crabtree like it says in Webscorer?

    • RaceDirector says:

      No, I need to change the date for the Crabtree Feb 4- it is going to rain again on Sunday and not likely the trails will be open.

  16. Todd says:

    So the Feb. 3 Forest Ridge Race is not being made up or will it be?

  17. Heather Pinney says:

    Hi Sarwat – in regards to your message “….for those who registered for the second Forest ridge event- we will reimburse you since I have not been able to reschedule it.” Can we opt to “donate” our registration fee to TORC?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Thanks Heather! Yes, opt to donate would be great! I will message people and let them know either way- reimbursement or donation.

  18. Heather Pinney says:

    Hi !! Just to confirm; tomorrow’s race, February 17, is at Forest Ridge?

  19. Todd says:

    Too, do we have a course for Forest Ridge? Thanks

    • RaceDirector says:

      Forest Ridge is small- we will do the outside loop and not the inner loop. Probably counterclockwise.

  20. ADAM D NANNI says:

    I was wondering what is going to happen to the trials at Forrest Ridge. They have been rescheduled 3 times due to weather. Is there still going to be a race or a refund?

    • RaceDirector says:

      We will try one more time on March 11. If the trails are still closed then, I will offer an alternative race location. The second Forest Ridge race will be cancelled and people will get a refund.

  21. Lars & Christian says:

    Thank you to the TORC team for another great race

  22. Mike Stell says:

    any plans for 2019?

    • RaceDirector says:

      Yes! Working on getting permission from park staff before I post locations but the schedule will be Jan 13, Jan 20, Jan 17, Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 24 Sundays 11- 1 PM.

  23. Todd Berger says:

    Is pre registration required? If not, can one sign-up after the racing has started at 11?

    • RaceDirector says:

      No, you can sign up after racing has started but it gets crazy busy so I would appreciate it a lot if people sign up before 11, and you can still register online the morning of the event before 10 am- much easier to organize!

      • Matt Riddle says:

        Is there a Sched yet for 2020 TT’s @ Crabtree?

        • RaceDirector says:

          Yes, finally, there is and it is updated now on the website!

          • hp says:

            Hot diggity !!!!!! 🙂

          • Matthew Riddle says:

            2 Questions:
            1. No “Open Men” category does this mean non experts would just register and run within the Expert category? Or only Experts race?
            2. Given the weather am assuming Feb 16th will likely be rescheduled due to wet conditions?

          • RaceDirector says:

            Sorry for the late reply- I do update the website as soon as I know the trail status. There is Open Men- age categories and one Expert Men category. For all TORC races – “Open Men” is split by age categories and is consider “Sport” and we have one Expert Men category (not split by age).

          • Matt Riddle says:

            Is Feb 16 on? Crabtree has been closed for many days due to mud.

  24. Melkinnc says:

    Crabtree says it’s closed. Is there still a race?

  25. Steven says:

    How well are the trails marked? I’m thinking about signing my boys (6 and 9) up. They are good on these trails but I’m not sure how well they will do if the turns are not marked and they are riding solo.

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