Ready to “Go Bob? or Go Bald?”

Well, if you aren’t, Natalie is! 

Natalie Lew has been growing her hair long for a few YEARS and is ready to cut it all off for the benefit of others.  Based on your donations, Natalie will either cut her hair to a short bob (Go Bob!) or cut it all off (Go Bald!).  Yes, she is willing to Go Bald! to help out two awesome causes:

Go Bob? or Go Bald? by supporting RDU Forest

1. RDU Forest

TORC and Umstead Coalition’s efforts to create RDU Forest, an urban forested recreation center next to Umstead State Park… and to stop a private company from putting a rock quarry on land deeded to 4 public entities (the Odd Fellows).

Go Bob? or Go Bald? by supporting le Tour de Femme

2. le Tour de Femme

le Tour de Femme benefits two local charities, the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and the UNC Rex Heathcare Angel Fund. It’s a women’s only Virtual event supporting the fight against cancer and empowering women through the sport of cycling.

What do YOU want her to do? 

It’s up to you. By supporting either or both of these organizations using the links above, what happens next depends upon your donations.

$2,000 Raised?

Go Bob! If $2,000 is raised then Natalie will cut her hair by at least 14” and Go Bob!

$5,000 Raised?

Go Bald! If $5,000 is raised then Natalie will cut all of her hair and Go Bald! Yup, all of it.

Dina Pezzimenti of Halo Salon in Raleigh will be doing the cut… or shave.

Hair will be donated to an amazing organization, Hair We Share.  Their mission is to “help maintain dignity, confidence and self-esteem to those affected by medical hair loss.” 

The event will be held virtually, for sure.  If social distancing restrictions have subsided, we’ll throw a huge party!

Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Time:7:00pm til … ???
Location:To Be Determined.  (The location will depend on social distancing restrictions.  Possible venues: Trek Holly Park or Halo Salon.

Please join us in cheering Natalie on as she braves the scissors (and shavers) and enjoy the process of Going Bob or Going Bald, all while helping benefit these amazing organizations!

Thank you for your support!

About Natalie: Natalie Lew is a cycling enthusiast, mountain biker, coach, and an active community partner and advocate for our parks and trails and helping to get more people on bikes – kids, women, minorities… everybody.  She is an avid supporter and participant of both the RDU Forest effort and le Tour de Femme.