6BC mid6BC Save the date: November 1, 2020, come out for 6 hours of as many laps at Briar Chapel as you can muster or go out for the 3 hour option. All the net money raised from this race will go to improve and expand the trail system at Briar Chapel!  A big thanks to Newland Communities for supporting mountain bike trails as part of their community development.



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Briar Chapel Great Ridge Parkway


When you turn into the Briar Chapel community (From 15-501 Hwy, turn onto Briar Chapel Parkway, make a left onto Bennett Mtn Trace and then a left onto Great Ridge Parkway. Keep going on Great Ridge Parkway till you see the Race/Parking signs and Pavilion where the start of the race will be held. Parking and pit areas will be allowed in this vicinity. If you miss Bennett Mtn Trace, keep going on Briar Chapel Parkway till you reach the roundabout where you can also turn into Great Ridge Parkway and follow the signs to the race area.

Schedule and Timing:

Bib pickup/Sign-in begins at 8:30 AM
Race Start: 10:00 AM for both 3HR and 6HR
Last Lap must be done by 3.25 HRS (115 PM) for the 3HR and 6.25 HRS (4:15 PM) mark for 6HRS of 6BC

Email races@torc-nc.org if you’d like to volunteer and I’ll be in touch with you! Thanks for volunteering! We need volunteers for course marking on Saturday and on Sunday, we need volunteers to help direct parking, setup, direct people to the food, tear-down and help with timing.

Parking/Pit area:
Parking will be around the Pavilion park off of Great Ridge Parkway (see address/directions above).  A pit area will be setup for racers to stake out a spot between laps. There is room for popup tents and a place to stake out your spot as long as you get there early enough (race starts at 10:00 AM)

Race Fees: Register before race day to save money and help me save time registering people the day of the event:
6HR Solo $50, Duo $100, Duo Juniors $65
3HR Solo $45, Beginner/Novice $35 Juniors $25, Adult/Junior Duos $65

TORC IMBA members and Briar Chapel residents get 10% off race fees using a discount code when registering.

Race Fees on Race day:
6HR Solo $55, Duo $110, Duo Juniors $70
3HR Solo $50, Beginner/Novice $40 Juniors $30, Adult/Junior Duos $70

Expert Men/Women, Open Men (19-30), Open Men (31-44), Open Men (45+), Open Women, Singlespeed, Juniors, Duo Men, Duo Women, Coed Duo, Novice Men/Women.

The Beginner/Novice category is for those who haven’t ever raced singletrack before or you just want to dip your toes in the race scene and see what this is all about, we put on low-pressure races and you are guaranteed to have fun if you come out and give it a shot.

We reserve the right to combine categories if there are less than five participants in a category.  We also reserve the right to create more categories if there are enough participants (so there will be Open Women age groups if the ladies out there encourage each other to sign up and race!).

Race Route:
This year we are going to encompass some of the new trail built late last year so expect a route that is somewhere between 8-9 miles long. Click here for the Race route.  Novice will not go up & down Bennett & ETD so if you are not a Novice- expect to ride ~8.5 miles per lap while Novice racers will do ~ 6 miles per lap.  We have Meetup rides at Briar Chapel on a fairly regular basis so come out when you can beforehand with us and see what kind of trails are here. Expect some rocks, expect some climbing, and a lot of fun.


T-shirts! T-shirt size guaranteed if you register by October 1st! This year in Men and Women cuts! T-shirts will be available for the first 100 registered just can’t promise you the right size if you don’t register early!

Awards will be given 3-deep to both 3-hr and 6-hr categories.

27 Responses to 6BC Nov. 1, 2020

  1. Earl says:

    I’m new to cycling, do you get the same type of swag (t-shirts and finisher medals) as you do for marathoners

    • RaceDirector says:

      No finisher medals but you get a t-shirt and lunch at 6BC, for TORC races, swag depends on the race type and it should be stated what each participant gets on the race page.

  2. Tina Grad says:

    Hi. Also new to this type of cycling. Can you use an endurance bike for this or only a mtb bike?

  3. Barb says:

    Will there be t-shirts to purchase ?!

  4. Barb says:

    Will tshirts be available for purchase the day of the race.?!
    Also….. do volunteers get a T shirt ?:)

    • RaceDirector says:

      Volunteers do get a t-shirt, I might have a few available for sale also but it’s hit or miss with guessing how many to purchase before the race!

  5. Holly says:

    Does the race go clockwise or anti clockwise?

    • RaceDirector says:

      I have not set the course but if we do the same as last year, it is counterclockwise.

  6. Paul kolb says:

    When will you have bc course set with Bennett and etd maybe meetup to get a preride

    • RaceDirector says:

      I think we will be ready by Wed/Thursday. I am expecting about the same course as least year with maybe a few tweaks to getting to the ETD section. We will not do the extension at top of Bennet mtn.

  7. Paul says:

    Same course as last year?

  8. Paul says:

    What do you consider the extension at top of Bennett mtn

    • RaceDirector says:

      The extra rock features at the top of Bennett that also includes some wooden structures. This is not in the course.

  9. Flinn says:

    I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone that supported the race today. It was an awesome experience as a racer and for sure the most fun (and pain) that I have have had in a long time. Hope to see you all next time! Thanks again!!!!!

  10. Keith says:

    Thanks for putting the race on again this year, Sarwat and other volunteers! Are pictures being posted somewhere?

  11. Marissa says:

    If you have a Junior riding a solo 3 hr, are they doing the adult lap (~8.5) or the novice lap (~6mi)?

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  13. Louie Botta says:

    The categories listed on this page do not match the selection on webscorer. The age groups do not match. ie.. I want to do the 45+ but webscorer has 40+

  14. Mike says:

    2019 pix links:

    Debbie Hage: Here are some pics from me. Some great portraits, not so great race start pics. Feel free to share, and if you need to edit, go ahead…I did the minimal work on them. If you pick an awesome one to share, don’t forget to credit the photog (a general service announcement for all photogs). 🙂 And if it’s not so good, please don’t mention me. 😉 https://photos.app.goo.gl/EY2muVrf8DanQ1u56

    Mike Stellpflug: Nice job on the race today! I think I got at least one picture of most riders on first or second lap. Not perfect, but hopefully better than a phone.

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